Does Yoplait Yogurt Have Probiotics?

By | March 19, 2016

Does Yoplait Yogurt Have Probiotics? Yoplait is a popular type of yogurt that’s not only known for its unique tangy flavor and creamy and thick texture, but also for its health benefits. If you’re looking for the best probiotic yogurt, you may want to try Yoplait Yogurt.

Yoplait offers a variety of yogurt with live cultures. Their line of products includes Yoplait Whips, Yoplait Original, Yoplait Light Thick and Creamy, Yoplait Delights, Yoplait Kids, Yoplait Light, Yo-Plus Light and more.

The YoPlus Light and Yoplait Light varieties don’t contain fat, but they do have added sugar. Both come in several fruity options and have probiotic and prebiotic bacteria for smooth digestion. These work together as a special blend that includes Bifidobacterium. All of the products made by Yoplait contain bifidus and acidophilus, which are beneficial bacteria strains.

Yoplait Plus, in particular, contains at least 1 billion live active colony of Bb-12 until it expires. The good bacteria are activated in the digestive tract by the 3 grams of inulin, a prebiotic fiber. The light formulas of YoPlus and Yoplait yogurt provide live bacterial cultures and nutrients without the added calories and fat. The active bacteria in these products are Bifidobacterium Lactis BB-12, L. Bulgaricus and S. thermophilus. The live bacteria cultures are proven to stabilize the intestinal system and can benefit the digestive health.

Does Yoplait Yogurt Have Probiotics?

How to Get the Benefits of Greek Yogurt

You can get the benefits of Greek yogurt from Yoplait’s products. As the yogurts are Greek-styled, it is loaded with probiotics, good bacteria that promote the health of the digestive system. The good bacteria fight off dangerous pathogen like fungus and bad bacteria that may cause illnesses and infection to the body.

The yogurt is also a good source of protein. This is a good option for people who don’t have enough protein in their diet like those who are vegetarian. The yogurt undergoes an additional straining process which removes much of its water content, resulting in a creamier and thicker texture that contains up to three times as much protein as the regular yogurt.

Due to the extra straining process, much of the sugar content has been eliminated as well. So, this yogurt is low in sugar and can be a great choice for a healthy snack. This is good news for diabetics. They can enjoy a good cup of yogurt without having to worry about the sugar in their diet. This yogurt is low in sodium as well. As such, it’s a good option for those who are following a sodium diet. It’s also great for those who are at risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart problems and high blood pressure.

There are also a lot of flavors to pick from. You can choose from chocolate, mango, strawberry and other options. The choice is yours. Yoplait yogurt can be frozen as well. The probiotics in yogurt will definitely bring you a lot of benefits. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to processed foods, the yogurts from Yoplait will surely suit your needs. Hope this article answers the original question: Does Yoplait yogurt have probiotics?!

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