Is Yoplait Greek Yogurt Good For You?

By | March 14, 2016

Is Yoplait Greek Yogurt good for you? Yoplait Greek Yogurt contains live and active cultures like L. acidophilus. It replenishes the good bacteria in the gut that may help improve your immunity as well as general health. If you’re looking for the best yogurt for weight loss, you may want to try Yoplait Greek Yogurt. Since there are different flavors to pick from, you are free to get the flavor you like best.

Yoplait Plain Greek Yogurt contains 45 percent of your daily calcium value, 120 calories, 115 milligrams sodium, 15 milligrams cholesterol, 9 grams sugar and 17 grams protein. It doesn’t contain fat, so it’s a great snack for those who are trying to lose weight.

Some Of The Facts Why Is Yoplait Greek Yogurt Good For You

• It’s creamier and thicker than regular yogurt. Greek yogurt is also rich in calcium and protein, so it is a very healthy food item.
• Yoplait Greek Yogurt contains zero fat, making it perfect for those with heart problems and high blood pressure. Those who are on a diet can also go for this snack.
• It contains Vitamin D and A, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Vitamin D helps increase bone strength as well as density. Vitamin A can help boost the health of the skin and eyes.
• Since it contains calcium, Yoplait Greek Yogurt is good for your bones. Growing and young kids are recommended to take at least 100 grams of yogurt every day for healthy teeth and bones.
• It can help reduce the risk of cancer, particularly colon cancer. Eating Greek yogurt will produce a lot of healthy bacteria in the gut, keeping you safe from the risk of colon cancer.

Our health has suffered due to artificial ingredients and junk foods. You should make healthier choices if you want to improve your health. Greek yogurt offers a lot of benefits that you should not ignore. It can be used in cooking to create a new twist to your favorite meals. These are the reasons among many others why Is Yoplait Greek Yogurt Good For You.

Yoplait Greek, A Protein Packed Snack Made With Real Fruit!
See Some Of The Facts Why Is Yoplait Greek Yogurt Good For You

Greek yogurt underwent a unique straining process that makes this snack thick and creamy. Regular yogurt is runnier and offers many benefits, but Greek yogurt provides more. Another step was added to the process of making Greek yogurt. The runny milk whey is eliminated to achieve a thicker mix that’s similar to cheese. However, it still retains the sour taste that yogurt has been known for. This is also the reason why Greek yogurt contains double the protein amount of regular yogurt. Around 4 times as much milk is also used to make one cup.

Yoplait, the best Greek yogurt brand, offers the healthiest Greek yogurt. Eating at least one yogurt every day is recommended to get the benefits of yogurt bacterial cultures. You can eat more if you want. Yoplait Greek Yogurt can be kept refrigerated if you want a frozen snack. It can be frozen to extend its shelf life. With the best Greek yogurt you will experience a lot of health benefits.

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