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Yoplait Greek Help Fight Hunger

Yoplait Greek has rolled out an augmented reality advertising campaign that lets consumers help in the fight against hunger. Consumers can download the Yoplait Greek4Good application to interact with their Yoplait Greek cups. Consumers in Chicago and New York will have the opportunity to use the app to view augmented reality experiences on billboards and… Read More »

Yoplait Greek Yogurt Getting More Shelf Space

Discover Yoplait Greek Yogurt video Commercial: Yoplait says the recent rebound in its Greek yogurt has encouraged grocery stores to give it more shelf space, and that the extra yogurt has continued to sell through to consumers. Years after the Greek-yogurt boom knocked the feet out from under General Mills Inc.’s Yoplait, it’s pointing to… Read More »

Yoplait Greek Coupons for Affordable Greek Yogurt

Yoplait greek coupons will help you in lowering costs when you go shopping for groceries Yogurt is a meal that is liked by a bunch of people. Acctually, Yogurt is milk that has actually been transformed by certain specialized bacteria in the making process. You do not have to understand the entire manufacturing procedure of… Read More »