Yoplait Greek Help Fight Hunger

By | April 10, 2015

Yoplait Greek has rolled out an augmented reality advertising campaign that lets consumers help in the fight against hunger.

Consumers can download the Yoplait Greek4Good application to interact with their Yoplait Greek cups. Consumers in Chicago and New York will have the opportunity to use the app to view augmented reality experiences on billboards and other postings around their cities.

The Greek yogurt segment grew largely in a grassroots manner, through word of mouth,” said Lauren Amira, associate marketing manager at Yoplait Greek, Minneapolis, MN.

Yoplait Greek

Yoplait Greek App

To decode messages, users simply download the free Yoplait Greek app to their smartphone. Then, consumers hold up their device to the Greek4Good image and watch as Greek letters translate to English and figures animate on screen. For every message decoded using the app’s viewfinder, one point will be awarded to a Feeding America member food bank.

”Augmented reality was a great way to intrigue, surprise and delight our tech-savvy millennials, engaging them with our product and advertisements in a new way,” Ms. Amira said.“Mobile augmented reality is not only a new area for

Yoplait Greek but also for our parent company, General Mills,” she said. Read more..

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