Yoplait Whips Frozen Treat!

By | August 26, 2015

Yoplait Whips Frozen! Take a lighted and airy Yoplait Whips out of the fridge and put it in the freezer!Voila! Yoplait whips becomes a luscious frozen treat! Yoplait whips into it to delicious ways, in the fridge it’s a mousse and in the freezer it’s the most delicious frozen treat. Give yourself a little treat! Yoplait.. Mmmm.. It is so Good!
I’m sure that you seen this commercial about frozen Yoplait whips at least once in your life. Of course only if you like Yoplait frozen yogurt. Well is it really so good. I will try to answer to that question by posting some answers from the real people.

Has anyone tried freezing Yoplait Whips yogurt or some other yogurt brands?

Answer No.1: I have tried eating frozen plain yogurt in the past, and it was OK. It took me forever to eat. Savoring eat spoon full.

Answer No. 2: I have done this with regular yogurt not the whips. It turns out not like ice-cream so to speak but a nice healthiest yogurt. The whips probably would be more creamy. I say you should try it. Seriously, you can always let it melt.

Answer No. 3: I keep them stocked in my freezer – I really like it, especially now when the weather hot. But don’t go expecting to turn frozen yogurt in the ice cream. It tastes like yogurt, frozen. It still has that yogurt tangy quality. If you like the yogurt to begin with, you will like it frozen. And I totally agree with that its nice that it takes so long to eat.

yoplait whips frozen treat

Answer No. 4: You can put most yoghurts in ice cream makers and it’s. well … FRO-YO! I don’t have one but the closest I’ve come is putting greek yoghurt and honey (could do any yoghurt really) in the freezer till it’s half frozen then whip it loads in a blender or with a whisk till it’s smooth again, then refreeze, then repeat … fiddly but it is nice!

Answer No. 5: Just wondering, but why not just buy the frozen yogurt? I just got a tub of the Chapman’s Dark Chocolate Rapture, and if I didn’t know it wasn’t ice-cream, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I want to try some of their other flavors, but I’ll wait till this one is gone.

Answer No. 6: I have not tried Yoplait whips frozen, but I love the frozen yogurt, the Schwans Wild Berry is very good. I have not tried the Raspberry swirl yet but it looks very good.

Answer No. 7: I just tried this day before yesterday! Actually, it tastes like frozen go-gurt. It’s good though! I had the Raspberry Mousse flavor and I split it with my sister. When I had already eaten all my calories, 70 calorie similar to ice cream fix on a day. Awesome. I think I ‘d do it again. It takes a long time to eat and that is  the  best part . That’s what I like least about yogurt usually, it’s gone so fast and you don’t feel like you ate anything.

Answer No. 8: But with regards to your original question, why not try it with a small portion and see. One thing I’ve heard suggested with regards to freezing yogurt is to stir it occasionally while freezing it, so it doesn’t end up as one big chunk. Don’t know if that applies to the whipped ones.

Well, hope you got your answers. Yoplait products are delicious when frozen, at least that is opinion of majority of the people who were asked that question. Beside, there are some health benefits of yogurt so when you treat yourself with frozen yogurt you don’t need to be worried about eating to much.

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